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Marjal Costa Blanca

Marjal Costa Blanca

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Costa Blanca Marjal Camping & Resort is one of the most modern Resorts Campsites in Europe. With high quality facilities, a privileged climate and a team at your disposal will make your holiday unforgettable

Permanent fun for everyone


One of the great attractions of Marjal Campings & Resorts is without a doubt its dance and animation, as reflect the surveys of quality among our customers. Don’t miss your performances of dance, music or magic; from Flamenco dances until the Lion King show. The stunning choreography of this group of boys and girls will leave you open-mouthed. I can assure you that after a few days with us, when you come back to the routine, more than once will surprise you yourself a complicit smile while you sing Come to Marjal.

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