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Entertainment and shows Alannia Els Prats - It's time to have fun like never before

Animation and shows

Never stop playing in Alannia!!

If in your day to day you do not dance or sing ... In Alannia ELs Prats we have the solution!
Laugh, dance, jump and sing! You're on vacation!

Alannia animation team has a wide and varied program of activities, both for the youngest of the house as for young people and adults, which include activities such as crafts, competitions, sports tournaments, bicycle tours, musicals and much more.

You can also enter our recreation room, with your new friends, to enjoy a game of billiards, table football or the Martians.

The youngest of the house will have a great time in our MINICLUB playroom doing different activities. At the KIDSCLUB, children from 4 to 12 years old can enjoy various workshops and play without limits with our Billi and Pratsi pets. And young people from 12 years old will have our ACTIVE program

Animation for all ages
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